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Affordable Distance Education

 Start now by clicking on e-learnOnline above.

Access to education using your browser and email when you want. Pay as you submit assignments.

Your first topic can be completed. There is no obligation to complete a course.

Start and stop to suit yourself.

Are you unable to access face to face courses?

A better way to get ahead.

Don't get left behind in the push for better qualifications. Start to get educated

Reports now indicate that we will need to be ready for as many as 7 career changes in our Life.

Don't be left behind. Do you have an already busy schedule and need to have your education suite your timetable.

Try topic one at your own pace and in your own time. There are no expensive up front payments.

A small fee is paid only when completing your assignments. Usually less than US$17 for each assignment and only 30 assignments, or less.

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