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You are liable for payment of your fee upon emailing your assignment and there will be no refund.

If a student does not continue all fees paid are not refundable.

If the course or program are discontinued or the student is deemed not to meet the admission requirements of the education institution any fees paid are not refundable.

The student undertakes this study at his own risk and e-learnonline, the education institutions and ISP's are not liable for any loss or damage or expenses incurred by the student of any kind.


A student becomes a member of e-learnonline upon emailing an assignment.

The student may defer their studies but must recognise they do so at their own risk as the course or program may be discontinued by the institution or may cease to be offered in a distance (Internet) format.










The student declares that they accept these Terms and Conditions by emailing there first assignment. And they accept any changes made subsequently.

The student agrees to comply with the rules of admission of the institution for the Program they are undertaking and to promptly and honestly undertake the courses and pay their fees when due.

The student acknowledges that they can meet the Admission Requirements, will not substitute their work by others, will not cheat or otherwise falsely make claims or submit the work of others.

The student acknowledges that they are not enrolled in the institution or school and that the respective institution or school is under no obligation to issue the award unless the student can demonstrate that they have completed all aspects of the program to the standard required by the institution or school, and comply with the admission requirements set in the sole discretion of the institution or school.

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