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1. Introduction:

Australasian Management Academy Pty. Ltd.

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Welcomes You


To The

Certificate IV in Business


and the course


Business Communication

Australasian Management Academy

is Committed To

The Provision of Quality Education And Life Long Learning Programs


And To

Providing Quality Courses and Programs


That Meet

The Educational and Training Needs of Students Through

Accelerated, Flexible, and Innovative Delivery Methods



2. For the Learner

Academic Integrity and Honesty are expected whether you are in the classroom or when enrolled in distance education courses. Academic dishonesty will carry a penalty and may result in the student receiving a failing grade or being expelled from the Institute. Plagiarising, cheating, and someone else accomplishing your course work are a few examples of lack of academic integrity and honesty. Mutual trust between the learner and the teacher is of utmost importance throughout the learning process and learning contract.

The Outcome of your learning experience depends on numerous items. Your choice of selecting this learning format for your course of study reflects a motivated learner wanting to achieve and grow with a desire for accomplishment. As a self-directed learner it is important not to fall behind, therefore, development of a study plan or schedule promotes keeping up to date on your course studies.


  1. Getting Started

Internet based distance education: Computer capability (Recommended):

(a) Hardware:

(i) 486 or better with 12MB RAM or more


(ii) 250MB HD or better


(iii) SVGA monitor


(iv) 28.8 bps or higher modem or Internet connection

  (v)   3.5" disk drive

(vi) Keyboard and mouse

Modems and/or Internet Connections: Modem speeds are from 2400 to 56.6 bps. It is recommended for your modem to have at least 28.8 bps. Both you and the faculty will rely heavily on the Internet for research and communication.

Software - Required: Windows-based word processing, spreadsheet applications, and project management capability is necessary to accomplish the Program. Any Internet web browser, such as MS Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 or higher will support your course requirements.

E-Mail Accessibility Required: An Internet based e-mail address and capability are an invaluable communication connection to your tutors, to other students, other academic services, and to the staff of Australasian Management Academy. Email provides distance learners both an international and local level of contacts. Refer to the course outline for the tutorís e-mail address.

For the purpose solely for communication with us you are to join and use their "mymail" free email service.

Programs such as Microsoft Exchange, Netscape Communicator and Endoora have e-mail programs that enable you to catalogue and file all your e-mails.

(b) Textbooks and Materials: You will need to ensure that you have all the materials listed below prior to commencing your course work:

bulletStudent Writing Standards Guide (provided by ACADEMY)


bulletStudy Guide. The student is also required to read the study material in the Resources area (provided by ACADEMY)


bulletTextbooks: Textbook(s) will be required for each course. Purchase of the required (and if you wish recommended whenever applicable) material for each course will be identified with each course syllabus.

(c) Communications and Correspondence: After you receive your distance learning course syllabus, your tutor will communicate with you. Your tutor for this course is shown in the course outline.

All assignments, including research papers and other assignments so indicated are to be sent to the tutor using the links provided with each assignment. Please ensure you keep a copy of your work.

Your tutor will, if applicable, will send group messages to all class members via a list of email addresses. She/he will communicate directly to individual students on their progress and assignments via individual e-mail. Any queries to your tutor should be done by email. For communication with other students, you may also have access a course bulletin or to their individual e-mail addresses that will be provided to you (and subject to other students agreeing to their email address being distributed) or via chat rooms set up for each topic.

From time to time there may be supplemental material assigned, such as case studies or articles. These supplemental materials may be sent to you by your tutor as an attached file to an e-mail.

  1. Successful Completion of this Course

ACADEMY has developed distance learning courses with the same high standards as the traditional campus courses, and expectations for your achievement are equally high. This means, however, that much of your learning depends on you. You must take the initiative to read your assignments, in some cases obtain the required textbook(s), complete the requested actions at the conclusion of your assignments, and interact with faculty as needed throughout the course.

Each of your courses is designed for a maximum of six weeks to complete the course work. You may complete the course work earlier than six weeks. If you anticipate that you may take longer to complete an individual course please contact your tutor.


  1. Course Syllabus

Note: A separate textbook and student course study guide and/or material is used for every course. You will need to acquire the required textbook(s) at a bookstore or through the library system. This means, however, that much of your learning depends on you. *You must also take the initiative to at least research some of the topics contained in the suggested textbook(s) listed hereunder.

Course Outcomes and Objectives

On completion of this subject, students should be able to:







bulletUtilise note- taking skills
bulletWrite effective business letters
bulletWrite effective business reports
bulletDemonstrate comprehension and interpretation skills
bulletWrite a letter of application and a personal resume
bulletEstablish internal and external communication in business organisations
bulletUndertake research

Required Textbook

Dwyer, Judith, 199, Business Communications Handbook, 5th edn., Prentice-Hall, New York.

Suggested Textbooks for further reading to supplement Study Material provided in the Resources Area:

Bendeich, Jan, 1997, Workplace Communications, Woodlands Publications Pty Ltd., Toronto, NSW.

Buriak, Mary, & Crawford, Victoria, 1990, New Directions in Office English, Nelson, Melbourne.

Huseman, Richard C., Lahiff, James M & Penrose, John M., 1991, Business Communications: Strategies and Skills, 4th edn., Dryden Press, Chicago.

Johnson, David W., & Johnson, F., 1991, Joining Together: Group Therapy and Group Skills, 4th edn., Prentice-Hall International, London.

Nutting, J., & White, Gillian, 1990, The Business of Communicating, 2nd edn., McGraw-Hill, Sydney.

Richards, Ian, 1998, How to Give a Successful Presentation: A Concise Guide for Every Manager, Graham and Trotman, London.

Assessment Tasks

Style of presentation: Written assignments are to be presented according to Australasian Management Academy Paper Writing Standards Guide for the submission of all academic work, unless where otherwise indicated.

Submission and grading of assignments: Assignments are submitted via email. Tutors comments will normally be sent to students within one week of assignment receipt.

Assessment Tasks in brief: You are required to submit a total of four assignments for final evaluation.

Individual assignment tasks are available from your tutor. When you download the assignment you will receive a full description of the task; its weighting; and assessment criteria.

Below is a brief description of the assignment tasks for this course.

Assignment 1 Due Date: determined by student Weighting 10%


bulletPersonal Resume and Letter of Application

The two parts of a job application are a covering letter and a resume. You are to choose an appropriate advertisement offering the type of job you are interested in. Then prepare the letter of application and a resume suited to this position in the format most suited to your qualifications, abilities and experience..

Assignment 2 Due Date: determined by student Weighting 20%


bulletTelephone Skills: Short Report

Students are required to submit a short informative report (approximately 1000 words) on developing effective telephone skills. Utilise the recommended reading list in your search for information and include references to your findings.


Assignment 3 Due Date: determined by student Weighting 30%


bulletOrganisational Communication: Case Study

Read the case study Getting the message across and answer set questions


Assignment 4 Due Date: determined by student Weighting 50%


bulletOrganisational Communication: Presentation

Submit a brief presentation (say a presentation that would take 15 to 20 minutes to deliver). You should include your presentation plan, key points and presentation aids. You are also required to include a brief written critique of your presentation referring to communication theory and presentation tips. If you have previously developed a presentation you may submit it along with a report identifying the presentations strengths and weakness and your critique.

Submission of Assignments: All internet distance education students are to transmit assignments to the tutor by the assignment option in the Online Campus.


  1. Your Tutor

Tutor: Julie Cook

Contact Number: (02) 9251 6126

Facsimile Number: (02) 9251 0925



Julie has a Bachelor and Masterís degree in Adult Education. She has also undertaken formal study in other business-related fields. Julie has held senior positions in Human Resources in both the public and private sectors and currently works has an independent consultant in the areas of education and management. With nearly two decades of hands on work experience and academic qualifications Julie brings a realistic and pragmatic perspective to your study while maintaining academic quality.

  1. Next Steps


Purchase your text book/s and STUDY your first topic' material, for this subject your material will be email to you. You are then to email assignments to your tutorís email address.


Good luck and enjoy with your studies


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