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A Program to help pay you whilst you Study or Teach

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I am Interested in Lecturing.


e-learnOnline will continue to grow and engage qualified Tutors in various areas to mark assignments, tutor students in a distance format and offer other value added services to students.

A fee of 20% of the amount paid by the Student is credited to the Tutor.

Key responsibilities

To mark assignments and provide direction to students undertaking distance, online education via email, net meeting and seminars.

To ensure students assignments are returned, marked and with direction on areas requiring further study within 7 days.


The Tutor works at the direction of a Head of Study who will supervise quality and timely return of marks.

Learn and Earn

 Register with e-learnOnline as an introducer and receive you Introducers Number.

An Introducer receives a fee of 5% of all fees paid by a Student linked to the Introducer. Its up to you as to HOW MUCH YOU EARN. All Introducers must be registered. This arrangement is not offered in any Country where in contravenes local Laws.

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Last Revised: May 2000