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Australasian Management Academy Pty Limited, will be the awarding institution only upon confirmation of successful completion of all assignments and meeting the Admission Requirements..




The Certificate IV in Business (Management) assists students to develop a comprehension and an appreciation for the role and functions of successful business management and provides exposure to some of the basic skills that must be developed in order to fulfill an effective management role in an organissation.


The program provides students the flexibility of self directed and self paced learning.


This program is accredited by the State of New South Wales Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB). It therefore also complies with the Australian Governments "Australian Qualifications Framework" (AQF) that allows this program to derive advance standing with programs offered by other Institutions.


This program is delivered ONLY in a Distance Learning format. This format utilises an Internet medium for communication and delivery of instructional material.


The student does not need to be a computer "guru" to study by this method -- you only need to be able to access the Internet, surf the web and send emails.


Time to Complete


A student should take no more than 13 weeks to finish this program. But could be completed in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.




Admission Requirements


A student must have completed year 10 of High school or equivalent, and

An English level : IELTS 4.5 or TOEFL 450 points.




There are 7 courses in this Program;


Business Communications

Commercial mathematics

Accounting principles

Business Enviromenmt

Introduction to Management

Introduction to Marketing

Problem Solving


Course Descriptions


Business Communications


Provides students with the opportunity to develop their communication skills in the areas of oral and non-verbal communication and writing effectively in the business environment and in their personal lives. It also covers internal and external communication in a business organisation and research skills.


Commercial Mathematics


Develops a students knowledge of applied business mathematical calculations. It focuses on discount, interest, tables and graphs and annuities. It introduces students to the use and application of statistics in the business environment, such as the presentation and construction of data in various forms, dispersion and time-series analysis


Accounting Principles


Covers the role and function of accounting in business (including business management) and introduces students to the basic principles of accounting based on the accounting ethic. Students practice double entry accounting, prepare and examine the financial statements used in financial reporting, the accounting cycle and discuss the inter-relationships between the financial statements. Presupposes NO prior knowledge of accounting.


Business Environment


Provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the social, economic and political influences that produce the environment in which businesses operate. Students gain knowledge and understanding of factors that create, influence and change the business environment within contemporary society, in order to assist them to make better business decisions.


Introduction to Management


Describes the management process used by business organisations to achieve their desired objectives through the collective worth of personnel. It explores the principles and practices of the historical and contemporary schools of management and introduces students to the management skills required to achieve organizational goals.


Introduction to Marketing


Introduces students to the basic principles of marketing in today's society and discusses some of the fundamental marketing concepts and functions such as quality management, external marketing and trade marketing.


Problem Solving


Provides students with theory and methodology for problem solving and conflict resolution. It also provides opportunities to practice skills in devising and applying effective solutions to hypothetical, challenging management problems.




All Fees shown here are in Australian Dollars (AUD). An approximate USA Dollar amount is shown in brackets. The latest exchange rates should be checked if you want to rely on the latest foreign exchange rates.


Cost of each course AUD $ 99.00 (US $ 57.43)

Program (7 Courses) AUD $693.00 (US $398.00)


Cost of the final award AUD $100.00 - only payable upon the issue of the final award by the Academy.



FEE Installments


Fees are only payable upon email of the assignments due in each course. There are between 2 to 4 assignments in each course of the 7 course Program. Therefore the FEES vary for each assignment from between AUD $ 49.50 for each assignment where there are 2 assignments in the course - down to AUD $ 24.75 where there are 4 assignments in the course.

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